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Mesothelioma Recovery and Pilates

Recovery and Pilates

Joseph Pilates developed the physical and mental fitness system that bears his name in the early 20th century. His practice operates under the belief that this method utilizes the power of the mind to control muscles. Pilates strongly believed that the human mind and body are inextricably linked, and his system grew out of that belief. A 1980 book on Pilates, The Pilates Method of Physical and Mental Conditioning, outlined six principles of the system. These principles are concentration, control, center, flow, precision and breathing.  

Practicing Pilates

Originally envisioned as a mat exercise, Pilates later incorporated the use of several pieces of apparatus to help practitioners further this practice. Most of the exercises done in conjunction with one of these apparatuses increased the resistance felt. Today, contemporary Pilates practitioners might incorporate even more props.  The modern practice of Pilates is generally divided between two schools of practice:  that which adheres to the physical and equipment standards originally laid out by Pilate, known as Classical/Authentic Pilates, and the style that diverged from the lesson structure and original set of exercises, known as Contemporary/Modern Pilates.   

Pilates and Cancer Treatment

Besides encouraging the development of strength, flexibility and body control, Pilates also has been identified as a treatment for several health conditions. Most recently, cancer patients have recognized the benefits of this exercise which can both increase one’s level of energy and calms the anxiety that frequently accompanies a difficult diagnosis. Furthermore, patients typically feel better about themselves and their bodies after partaking in physically beneficial exercises like Pilates.

Pilates and Mesothelioma

As a complementary therapy to traditional mesothelioma treatments, Pilates might actually improve the effectiveness of these treatments and help extend patient survival rates. Especially because many mesothelioma patients undergo chemotherapy and radiation, Pilates can be essential in helping fight the fatigue that often follows. Furthermore, exercise programs, like Pilates, can help boost a weakened immune system, lessening the dangers of contracting additional illnesses because of diminished resistance.

Just as heart attack patients are now often put on exercise routines, cancer patients will also likely be prescribed exercise programs that aid in their recovery. Few exercise systems can offer the physical, emotional and mental benefits of Pilates, making it a natural choice for those recovering from illness. However, patients are cautioned to find a qualified Pilates instructor, as this practice has recently become quite popular, spawning a host of amateur instructors that might not be qualified to offer public training in this physical fitness system.

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