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I will travel to any Longboat Key, Lido Key or Downtown Sarasota location. Training can be taught using your pilates apparatus or I can bring mats, therabands, foam roller, Bosu, TRX and/or Balanced Body MOTR.
Formerly located in Bergen County, NJ and Westchester County, NY

What people are saying...

Jenn is a highly qualified and experienced trainer of traditional Pilates.  She also has an excellent understanding of the body and can manage specific needs whether it is from an injury or weakness.   She carefully considers the individual and customizes each session.  I have had many years of gym workouts and tennis but find Pilates with Jenn the best way to stay strong and flexible and keep fibromyalgia symptoms at bay. And Jenn is just a wonderful person.  She has done a great job for me."     - Debra N.

"I have been coming to Jenn for private Pilates sessions for several years now.  At the time I had just recovered from a major illness requiring surgery and was not feeling my best.  While I had taken pilates before, I was not in good shape now.  Jenn worked with me slowly getting me back to the strength I once previously had.  Every session is different and challenging.  She keeps it fresh, which keeps me coming back.  At the end of each hour I feel great physically and mentally.  She is a kind, warm and fun person who really enjoys what she does.  She has clients of every sex and age which is really a testament to her ability to adapt to the individual needs."     - Beth A.

"I am most appreciative of the many improvements in my quality of life since embarking on pilates training with Jennifer Mann.  My flexibility and the range of motion of my joints has improved remarkably.  I have greater stability and my muscle mass has increased noticeably.  Being elderly, these enhancements are of great value to me.  The pilates sessions are challenging and strenuous but Jenn varies the training routines and makes the training enjoyable; I look forward to my pilates appointments and am grateful for the success that I have achieved with Jenn.  I wish that I had started training with Jenn years ago."     -Allen M. Demby, M.D.,F.A.C.S.

"Although I am a young fitness and kickboxing enthusiast, I have suffered from a variety of injuries and setbacks.  I have arthritis, stenosis, degenerative lumbar discs, and a history of herniated discs.  Pilates with Jenn has strengthened my core, increased my stamina, and made me feel symptom free!  Jenn works with my individual needs to customize each session.  Because each session always varies in equipment and exercises I enjoy each invigorating session and leave stress free."     -Jeanine D'Anna

"I had a misalignment of my knee causing great pain upon ascending and descending steps.  Since taking Pilates with Jenn the pain has been alleviated and my balance has been improved."     -Ermine Z.

"After several years of suffering from low back pain from an auto accident, exercise induced arthritis of the knee, a lack of core development, years at the gym and trying out a few group Pilates sessions; I found Pilates With Jenn two years ago in May of 2011.  It didn't take long after starting out my sessions with Jenn to feel the difference on my core muscles, posture and improvement of my low back pain.  After two years of Pilates With Jenn, I am pain free, have developed core muscles, and have better alignment of the spine, a strong pelvis, and have greatly improved my balance and posture.  My overall physical wellbeing has never been better and it was all accomplished by having Jenn as an instructor.  She is a knowledgeable, highly qualified, caring instructor who takes the time to learn your needs and limitations in order to develop an effective and safe Pilates session for you.  Her expertise, positive reinforcement, enthusiasm and dedication towards you makes each session exceed expectations.  Jenn, thank you for teaching me personal awareness, how to create balance and coordination in my body, how to be in control of little movements and for showing me how to work my entire body in SYNERGY! - Thank You!"     -Mary

"Love my Pilates teacher! She has helped me to learn how to overcome many years of a painful "gymnastics back" and Sponylolisthesis with serious core strenthening and so much more!! Thank you Jenn!"     -Krista

"Thank you Jenn for the many benefits that I have enjoyed as your trainee.  I am much more supple and flexible, enjoy increased energy and feelings of well being.  Your unique, personal approach to pilates has enhanced my quality of life and I am most appreciative."     -R.D., 79 year old Breast Cancer Survivor

"After having one rotator cuff surgery on my right shoulder and two on my left shoulder I continued to have many years of pain and diminishing range of motion.  I tried everything for managing the pain from massage to acupuncture. When I was on vacation I overheard a woman discussing how she too used to have debilitating pain and nothing helped with her shoulder pain until she started taking individual Pilates sessions.  She had tried group classes before but since they were not tailored to her needs they were not effective.  Once she started taking individual personalized Pilates session she could not believe the difference.  I decided that I should try it.   I started with Jenn and found it to be extremely challenging but decided to push through to see what benefits I could gain. Over time I have gotten much stronger in my core, my range of motion in my shoulders has dramatically improved and my pain has decreased and I am living a much more comfortable life.  Having personalized sessions focused on my needs has been highly beneficial.  My shoulders feel so much better and I am getting a tremendous total body workout through the program Jenn has designed for me."    -Harold, Executive Board Member of Fortune 500 Company

"To say that Pilates has changed and improved my health in ways that I could not have ever imagined is the understatement of the year.  You are such a wonderful instructor and I look forward to our sessions each and every week.  You continue to motivate and challenge my muscles while always keeping my health and safety at the forefront.  Your skill and training is at the highest level and you always know when I'm ready to try new "stuff" and guide me forward when I don't think my body can actually do what it can do! You are a pleasure to spend time with and even though you are the only instructor I have learned from, I know that I have found the best!"    -Michele

"The ankle I broke last year – the one with the plates and screws?  Like it never even happened.  The stiffness from sitting at a computer and commuting 70 miles each way every day?  Gone.  The balance and flexibility I last had twenty years ago?  Back.  A sense of calm and well-being that lasts?  Check.  Over the years I’ve worked out in gyms, taken literally thousands of dance classes, done yoga with my Mom.  I’ve skied, played golf, run, walked and biked.  With all that experience as a frame of reference, I cannot think of a better investment in your short and long term physical and mental health than practicing Pilates with Jenn, a truly gifted instructor.  It is really a joy to be able to work with her in her lovely studio in Franklin Lakes."      -Karen, Fortune 500 Company Management, lives in Avon-By-The-Sea, NJ

"The first time we met Jenn we knew that we were at home.  Out of all of the pilates classes we have taken, we found that Jenn's care and instruction was the best.  She was able to not only teach and transform our bodies but our minds into following a more positive lifestyle.  Her classes produce results and she also cares about our physical well being ensuring we do not injure ourselves.  She is simply the best and we couldn't imagine going anywhere else."       -Lauren and Stephanie Chernalis, sisters

"All my life I have been doing yoga and going to the gym, but it wasn't until 6 months ago that I started Pilates with Jenn. Pilates has been a real joy and has changed my body in ways that none of these other modalities were able to by deeply focusing on the ways the muscles work together and identifying their weaknesses and imbalances. Through diligent practice with Jenn I have strengthened my muscles so that they can begin to work more effectively together instead of the stronger muscles having to overcompensate for the weaker. Pilates is the best thing that has ever happened to me. It's the wisest investment in health I can think of, and if you want to maintain your strength and avoid unnecessary accidents and injuries as you get older, I strongly recommend this kind of practice. Jenn is a fabulous, dedicated, and highly-skilled practitioner of Pilates who has invested heavily in her training and worked with the best practitioners in the world. I feel so fortunate to be able to work with her."       -Kathy S., Engineer

"I am so grateful to have found Pilates With Jenn.  After a shoulder injury set my fitness routine back, I searched for ways to continue my pilates practice.  I bought DVDs, took group classes, and read every article I could get my hands on. Time passed and my fitness level decreased; my injury became an excuse.  One day I came upon Jenn’s site and made an appointment – a few sessions later I was already starting to feel like my old self.  Her qualifications speak for themselves.  With extensive experience as a personal instructor, Jenn took the time to evaluate my strengths and weaknesses and created a program, building on my past physical therapy treatment, tailored just for me.  She has taught me how to safely challenge myself and guided me to increased body awareness – and my shoulder has never felt better!  Her patient demeanor and fun sense of humor create the perfect training environment.  Thanks Jenn!"        -Jen B.

"I was always curious about pilates, and decided to try it together with my girlfriend.  Jenn, it became apparent very quickly that you were a 1st class instructor. In addition to your knowledge, you make the class so enjoyable too. The hour goes by so quickly.  Your pilates sessions have eliminated my shoulder pain after just a few sessions and has really helped stretch me out from head to toe.  I look forward to our sessions and would recommend you to anyone.  Your duet program is great for couples, as you give us each the special attention we need.  Jenn, the pilates has exceeded my expectations, and we look forward to our next session with you.  Thank you!"       Regards,  Steve

"I have been working with Jennifer for 8 months now and I have seen considerable progress with my flexibility, core strength and balance.  Jennifer is extremely knowledgeable and has been instrumental in motivating me to work so hard to achieve the fitness objectives I’ve set for myself.  I have to also say that it is great fun - I am hooked!"       -Christine

"I worked with Jenn and in a few weeks I felt my core get stronger and flexibility expand.  When I started Pilates I was about as flexible as a steel beam.  I play Ice Hockey 2-3 times a week as a goalie so I definitely needed to work these areas as well as balance.  Not only did I feel better on the ice but also with every day activities, especially with my job which is very physically demanding.  Jenn has machines to work on every aspect of pilates.  She is very knowledgeable in all areas of pilates, is very motivational, enthusiastic and reasonably priced!"       -Kyle

"After only a few Pilates sessions with Jenn, there was a noticeable increase in my muscle strength and control.  Even though I came to Jenn after years of orthopedic issues, Jenn was able to instruct and modify various Pilates exercises and moves so that I saw results.  Her positive reinforcement and expertise made even the challenging exercises achievable!"       -Robyn

"I love working out and trying different exercise classes.  I love a really hard, challenging work-out such as spin, kickboxing & boot camp.  When I first decided to give pilates a try I really didn't know what to expect. I thought Pilates would be too slow paced for someone like myself.  Jenn, you've proved me wrong.  I absolutely love taking your pilates classes.  You make each class different from the previous one so I never know what to expect.  I love your enthusiasm and total knowledge of what you are teaching.  Thank you for opening my eyes to such a wonderful exercise program."        -Jaimie

"People often think of pilates as a simple mat routine.  Pilates with Jenn is so much more.  From chair exercises to the trapeze, Jennifer takes core training to a whole new level.  I can finally say that I have my abs back after my cesarean section! Thanks to Jennifer's expertise and innovative ways of "mixing it up", Pilates with Jenn will always be part of my weekly exercise regime."   -Francesca P. Quinn

Available for sessions:

Monday  7:30 am - 3:00 pm 
Tuesday 7:30 am - 3:00 pm 
Wednesday  7:30 am - 3:00 pm 
Thursday 7:30 am - 3:00 pm 
Friday    7:30 am - 3:00 pm 

Sessions are by appointment only.

Located in Longboat Key, Florida.  Will travel to locations in Longboat Key, Lido Key and Downtown Sarasota.

If you have any questions or you are looking to schedule an appointment...

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